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You see this page, because you probably searching for the sender of an e-mail message. Or maybe you want to know where the landing page you see is hosted or who the owner is of the domain Qamel is the owner and sends e-mail for clients using the domain

This site is used to support e-mailings of:

Qamel - E-mail and marketing automation specialisten

Only Permission Email

This site is used to support emailings from All email campaigns are executed with addresslists of customers. The customers have agreed with Qamel that:

  • Only addresslists are used that are owned by the customer
  • Customers acknowledges that for the addresses permission is obtained by “opt-in” or “double opt-in”
  • The addresses of individuals have been used for email communication before
  • Qamel will never use the addresses for other purposes than meant by the customer
  • Qamel will never handover the addresses to third parties

Always be able to Unsubscribe

Individuals or organisations that get email through Qamel can simply find where the email is coming from and for which customer the email is sent. We always see to it that you can unsubscribe. If you are unsubscribed for a customer, we will not send you new email. You can unsubscribe by providing your email address in a web-form, or by replying to the email send to you.

If you DON'T want email through Qamel, please:

  1. Go to the original email message and use the “unsubscribe” link, often available at the bottom of the message; or
  2. Give a reply to the original email message with subject “unsubscribe”, or other text that shows that you do not want any email; or
  3. Send the original email to: gives customers room to present themselves

Qamel has chosen to use a neutral domain for sending off email for its customers. We do this in the interest of our customers. It gives the customer the possibility to outsource certain services. e use so-called “subdomain names” to make the mail recognizable as sent by our customer.

Qamel has the Privacy Seal from DDMA.


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